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I am very picky about what I put ON and IN my body. (And you should be picky about what goes on and in your body, too!) But unfortunately, many supplements on the shelves are not what they claim to be, and often do not support our health in the way we hope they will.

I am frequently asked for my opinion regarding the best supplements. I have struggled for years to find one that completely met all of my standards, but I finally feel like I have found a company I trust.

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Dr. Fuhrman

1) It is research-based- each ingredient is monitored for safety. Some nutrients in excess, and some synthetic nutrients, are not supportive of our health.

2) It includes whole foods- that means you get ALL the nutrition from the fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. used in the product, instead of just a handful of isolated nutrients. Our bodies are designed to consume whole foods, and can easily utilize the product.

3) Their manufacturing practices- the company is extremely committed to holding the highest manufacturing standards.

Are these miracle supplements? No. They do not replace the need to nourish your body with whole, healthy foods. But do I believe they are supportive of your overall health? Yes. Plus, compared to other supplements on the market, they are relatively budget-friendly.

Of course before starting any new supplement, please check with your primary care provider if you have any concerns.

Dr. Fuhrman

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