Space Clearing

Just as our bodies can pick up the energy around us and hold on to it (see energy clearing for more information), so can spaces.

You have probably noticed this at one time or another, when you have wandered into a room and felt the energy either get heavier vs. lighter, or feel welcoming vs. uncomfortable.

You may have heard of or tried smudging to clear the energy of your space. While that is effective for temporarily shifting the energy, it does not clear everything.

When I do space clearing, I clear on multiple levels. I check the yin/yang energy balance of the house and how life energy (Qi or Chi) is flowing into the house. I then clear any emotional stuck points (these can be from occupants before you as well), stress from the Earth (geopathic stress from magnetic fields, faulting pressure, and naturally occurring underground water), and adverse effects from electronics in the space.

I then make sure the energy of the house is balanced and life energy is flowing.

Client experiences:

“So I knew that Energy Clearing a home could make a difference, but really? THAT dramatically! Well, it definitely was an interesting experience, and I knew that I would feel a difference. BUT after months and months of only a couple of hours sleep per night- interrupted at that, to enjoy 6 full hours of restful uninterrupted sleep, that is well worth the investment. Not to mention the focus and clarity I’ve been missing is baaack. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I AM grateful.”

~ RoseAnn Waters

“Thank you, Jennifer! One good thing has happened already- my landlord came out and cleaned up the flood in the basement. I’ve been asking him for months! And yesterday they put a new boiler in!”

~ Alison

“It has been good! No one has been sleeping in the chair that before seemed like such an energy drain. Also, no cat accidents when there had been usually 1 per day. My daughter is happily playing in the playroom, which she didn’t do before. Before she would say she didn’t want to be down there. Today she is sitting happily at the table working with stickers- I have never seen her do that!”

~ Heather

Businesses can benefit, too!

Does the space feel off? Are you struggling to get customers in the door?

A space clearing might be in order.

I cleared a restaurant business in Canada that was struggling with slow business and had complaints from the staff and patrons of a spirit that was troublesome. After the clearing, they had to call in extra staff the following week because they were so busy, and the patrons and staff said they could feel a difference in the energy of the space!

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