Safe and Effective Skin Care and Cosmetics

I have been searching for YEARS for a skin care line that meets my standards. What are my standards, you ask? Products that are completely transparent about their ingredients and that don’t use ingredients with questionable/limited safety data or ingredients linked to cancer, hormone disruption, or other nasty health issues. (And of course, the products need to be really effective.)

I have finally found an amazing product line that fits. (Not an easy task!) Introducing Beautycounter.


Their mission is to get safe and effective products into the hands of everyone. They have a never list of 1,500 ingredients they won’t use because of links to cancer, hormone disruption, other health issues or lack of safety data. (In comparison the U.S. has banned to date- wait for it- 30 ingredients from personal products.)

They are equally committed to product performance and have a customer-friendly 60-day return policy. The product line ranges from facial and body skin care (including an anti-aging line and sunscreen that doesn’t leave your face pasty white) to bath and kid/baby products to cosmetics.

They are also committed to changing the industry, and so lobby for research and reforms that will protect all consumers, whether Beautycounter customers or not- and that I absolutely adore.

You can learn more about Beautycounter and the mission here.

I am so passionate about their products that I have become a Beautycounter Manager and Educator, incorporating the company’s mission and products into my work. So send your questions my way, and if you are wanting to learn more or shop, go here.

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