Success Stories

Group Mentorship Clients

“It’s been awesome!”

“I’ve grown SO much”

“I have so many tools!”

Private Clients

“I healed around loving my body”

12052370_10101616901408890_525582924918883599_o“Jenn was amazing to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge and her gift of healing is really helpful when working through difficulties. Jenn was able to relate so easily and was exactly what I needed. She was more than just a great coach- she guided me towards resources I didn’t know were available exactly when I needed them. I worked with her for several months, and during part of that time I did her 3 week cleanse and released 10 pounds that had creeped up on me over the holidays. I overcame cravings and healed another layer of the emotional piece around loving my body. She is also a great and experienced Reiki practitioner. Her sessions are relaxing, and unlike past Reiki sessions I could really feel my energy shifting. Jenn has such a great expanse of knowledge and holistic experience, and she’s one of the sweetest women I’ve ever worked with.”

Melissa Frederick, Evergreen, CO, Body Empowerment Photographer

“I feel heard!”

“Jennifer does a fabulous job of always listening to me, so that I feel heard. She always offers feedback and follow-up that suggests she not only heard me, but understood, and wants to help point me in the right direction moving forward. Her commitment to the subject matter and her clients comes through loud and clear and to me, that is the most compelling attribute.”

Renee Morris, Denver, CO, Marketing Gal and Mom Extaordinaire

“I feel balanced”

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to let me see alternatives and healthy ways to take care of myself and still feel balanced.”

Sharon T., Denver, CO

“I always feel so supported”

“Every session I feel like it is one more hop to the next stepping stone across the river to where I want to be. I can say whatever I want in front of you and always feel so supported and never judged.”

Alyson Wright, Market Outreach Specialist, San Diego, CA

“I was able to make life changes…”

Mary Mattes“Before I worked with Jennifer I was struggling with my weight, my motivation for change and my view of myself. During our work together I was able to really explore myself as a person and make life changes with the support of Jennifer every step of the way. I highly recommend Jennifer if you want to make life long changes that may have in the past seemed out of reach.”

Mary Mattes, Wittenburg, WI, Counselor

“I have a feeling of freedom”

“I learned what works for me and what doesn’t so I don’t have to feel guilty anymore. I have a feeling of freedom!”

Mattie Emmel, Denver, CO

“Set me up for the confidence I needed in getting my breakthrough…”

“Thank you Jennifer for the excellent experience of being coached by you. It truly was life-changing and helped me a great deal… setting me up for the confidence I needed in getting my breakthrough.”

June Marie Nies, De Pere, WI, Holistic Health Coach

Cleanse Clients

“I can’t believe how great I look!

I can’t believe how great I look after only three days of good, clean, delicious eating. you’ve made it super easy to follow your plan, and the recipes have worked themselves into our regular dinner plans because they’re so tasty. Thanks, Jennifer, for such an awesome resource!”

– Lynn Daue, Writing Mentor & Journalist,

“I am down almost 8 pounds!”

I am feeling confident and excited about this week, but even more excited about incorporating all of the wonderful recipes and ideas about healthy eating that I have learned into the future. This journey has been eye-opening and quite frankly a game changer for me in terms of how I think about food. Thank you!!!”

Lara Asmundson, Voice Actor, Alameda, CA

“I feel lighter!”

Bethany Thier“This cleanse has been an amazing experience. It has caused me to re-evaluate my priorities, something that has been long overdue! I feel pretty darn good so far. I’ve noticed that I’m no longer tired or bloated after I eat- a symptom that was really bothering me prior to the cleanse. I feel lighter. I haven’t noticed any fatigue or lack of energy during training or running, which has surprised me because I’m used to fueling my running with lots of processed sugar. The cleanse is very well put together and so easy to follow and understand. Not to mention COMPLETELY YUMMY! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!”

Bethany Thier,  Howard, WI, Music Instructor

“I never thought I would have fun in the kitchen!”

Heather Steinberger“It is about sleep, managing my time, eating nourishing foods, taking care of myself. It is bringing a much greater sense of awareness about everything. And I never thought I would have fun in the kitchen!”

Heather Steinberger, Bailey, CO, Freelance Writer

“Takes the guesswork out of doing a cleanse!”

Mary Shackelford“Jennifer’s 21-day cleanse is amazing!  As a fellow health coach, I am so impressed by the content Jennifer put together for this program. Her program takes the guesswork out of doing a cleanse.  I love her process because it is gentle, doable and so effective.  Her materials provide the level of detail needed to do this cleanse with confidence and ease.  She provides wonderful support and encouragement throughout the entire process. You never feel alone or unsure about what is next. I signed up for it and have recommended it to several of my own clients.  You will feel amazing after you complete the program.”

Mary Shackelford, Jefferson City, MO, Holistic Health Coach

Group Coaching Clients

“I have lost 12 pounds so far!”

Alyson Wright“Every day someone is telling me how good I look! I’m getting compliments about looking leaner, brighter and happier all the time. I’m feeling more comfortable in my body and have lost 12 pounds so far. I have been blown away by the holistic approach Jennifer takes to health.”

Alyson Wright, Market Outreach Specialist, San Diego, CA

“My relationship to food changed…”

Kat Kaldis“More than 26 pounds lost since I’ve started working with Jennifer! The best part is the way that my relationship to food changed, and how I pay attention to my body and myself now. Thank you Jenn, and thanks to all of you for letting me gain strength from the group!”

Kat Kaldis, Alameda, CA

“Digestion is so much better!”

Katie Specker“What is going well for me? 1)Trying so many new foods and finding most of them yummy. 2)Getting into the kitchen and enjoying it! 3) Drinking tons of water-no more dehydration! 4) Digestion is so much better. 5) Lost 4.5 pounds the first week, and fit in a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in over 2 years! 6) People I haven’t seen in a few months are commenting on how good I look. 7) We revamped our pantry and refrigerator and I am loving it! I feel like I can do anything now that this cleanse is almost over and I ate things I never thought I could/would!”

Katie Specker, Campbell, CA

“I feel better and have lost inches”

“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your program. The recipes are fantastic and I am cooking with foods I’ve never tried. Spaghetti squash is better than pasta-who knew? Even though I have only just started I feel better and have lost inches. What I really noticed was a decrease in low blood sugar and times when I am so hungry I feel like I’m going to eat everything in sight. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into designing this program. Excellent job!”

Kathy Nigro, Senior Corporate Accountant, Denver, CO

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