Learning Leaf Healing Arts Academy

I personally created the Learning Leaf Healing Arts Academy to support women who want to feel confident in their bodies, relationships, intuition, and purpose, as well as those who want to bring the healing arts into their professional practice.

Current offerings include:

The Chakra Balancing Mini-Course is a complementary course for those in our community who would like to learn more about the chakras and find easy, practical ways to connect with their subtle energy system. (Pop your name and email into the box on the right to access it! ====>)

Foundations for Healing and Whole Living is our flagship course. Over the span of 9 months, the women in the course learn how to tune into their body, develop and trust their intuition, understand their own unique rhythms and how to honor them, incorporate supportive rituals and self care practices, study the chakra system in greater depth, and so much more. The coursework is delivered online so it is easy to work into your schedule. There are monthly live Q and A calls for extra support, as well as a private Facebook group for everyone in the program to connect. There is also an option, for those who want to study Reiki Level I and II, to train with me in person and receive additional mentoring and practice (which fits beautifully with the online coursework). The program typically enrolls in the fall.

The Body and Soul Clarity Cleanse is the place to start for men and women looking to hit the reset button and connect with their body in a whole new way. This whole food-based cleanse comes complete with audio recordings to talk you through it, a step-by-step guidebook, and recipes. (All materials are provided online). In addition, you can join our private Facebook group to ask questions, get support, and connect with other cleansers. This program enrolls typically once in the fall, winter, and spring.

Other courses that will be coming soon:

9 Star Ki Astrology and the Chinese Five Elements– an amazing way to understand your patterns, stuck spots, and strengths, shift relationships, and find greater balance and flow. You will never look at life the same way again.

Energy Clearing Fundamentals– learn a fantastic tool for supporting yourself and others, whether for personal or professional use. (*Prerequisite: 9 Star Ki Astrology and the Chinese Five Elements)

Advanced Energy Clearing-Take your clearing work to a much deeper level by learning how to clear for ancestral or karmic blocks, money blocks, business blocks, situations, relationships, and more. (*Prerequisite: Energy Clearing Fundamentals)

Infinite Possibilities– learn how to consciously create the life you crave. You have the power to change your experience. Uncover and release limiting beliefs, shift your thoughts, take action, and be amazed at how differently things unfold for you.

In addition, I mentor those wanting to bring the healing arts into their professional work and support clients privately.

Are you getting excited about the possibilities? I am! Let’s have some fun.

Balance those chakras!


One chakra per day, practical tips to help you feel more balanced, plus an amazing community. Come join us!

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