Energy Work

Living a whole and authentic life means integrating your physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, and your environment. Energy work helps to find places in those layers where energetic blocks have formed and allows for those blocks to release, providing a greater sense of ease, peace, and connection.

My role as an energy practitioner is to support you in getting your body, mind and spirit to communicate freely again, so you can live your happiest, healthiest, most authentic life possible.

Your session will be customized to your specific needs. Some of the modalities I frequently use include*:

  • Energy clearing
  • Reiki
  • BodyTalk

*Clients are welcome to specify if there are specific modalities they would prefer or ones they are not comfortable with. Sessions can be done in person or by distance.

Your intake session (investment: $125) will be a bit longer so I have the time to discuss your experience and goals, as well as determine the energetic approach that will serve you best. Often I will blend multiple modalities, as I find that to be very effective for my clients.

Single sessions are available for purchase (investment: $100), although I highly encourage packages as having support over time is very beneficial, and it is amazing self care! (With packages you will save on the per-session rate, plus you can use one of your package sessions for your intake session, creating even greater savings.)

You may be surprised during your session at what comes up/what is ready to be released, but you will leave feeling relaxed and supported.

Ready to get started? Hop on over to the scheduling page to book your intake session or purchase a package.
Client experiences:

“I really enjoyed my session and plan to schedule more soon! I felt very relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I’ve been feeling a cold coming on and think the session may have helped keep it at bay.”

~ Kathleen

“My head feels lighter! I feel so much better.”

~ Kristen

“Thanks for the great Reiki session. I definitely felt more relaxed the rest of the day. I am remembering to do deep breaths whenever I feel the anxiety coming on. Thanks for that great tip.”

~ Jennifer

“I had never had a Reiki session before last week and it was a very nice, relaxing experience. Jenn explained what would happen, and was very good about ensuring that I was comfortable. The time flew by and I left feeling lighter and very relaxed. I will definitely book another session.”

~ Clare

“Jenn is a great and experienced Reiki practitioner. Her sessions are relaxing, and unlike past Reiki sessions I could really feel my energy shifting. Jenn has such a great expanse of knowledge and holistic experience, and she’s one of the sweetest women I’ve ever worked with.”

~ Melissa

“Things just seem to flow more easily. I can handle things in my life better now. I feel a greater sense of peace.” (regular energy clearing client working on stress/anxiety)

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! What a wonderful gift it is to be free of the shame and discomfort I was feeling. You are truly amazing and your support continually surprises me.” (regular energy clearing client working on relationship challenges)

“The shift that I have had is a strong awareness of the food I eat and kind of a craving for nutritional food choices. Amazing.” (energy clearing client working on her relationship with food and her weight)


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