Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

Ever notice how your mood changes around someone else, or when you enter a room? That is you picking up on the energy around you. The catch is, sometimes we don’t realize that we carry it with us. (Imagine Pig Pen with his dust cloud following him everywhere.)

Or maybe you feel like there is a relationship or situation in your life that is an energy drain for you but you can’t seem to cut the cord.

That is where energy clearing comes in.

When I do an energy clearing, I tap into my client’s energy or the energy of the relationship or situation in question and help create space for whatever is stuck to clear.

It is hard to predict the outcome, but what happens with clearing is that space is made for whatever needs to come to the surface and be released.

To help those interested in clearing understand what that can look like, here are client stories to share with you. (They are anonymous as some of the subjects are very personal in nature.)

Client experiences with personal clearings:

“Things just seem to flow more easily. I can handle things in my life better now. I feel a greater sense of peace.” (regular clearing client)

Client experiences with relationship clearings:

“When I think of her I find that I can still hold on to having compassion for her… I feel centered on what I desire and confident she won’t be able to throw me off.”

“I now have no reaction positive or negative when thinking about her. I don’t feel uncomfortable or get the usual uneasy feeling I would always have in my gut when I would think about her in the past. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! What a wonderful gift it is to be free of that shame and discomfort. You are truly amazing and your support continually surprises me.”

Client experiences with situation clearings:

“The shift that I have had is a strong awareness of the food I eat and kind of a craving for nutritional food choice” (situation with weight)

“I’ve had much less appetite and want for food.” (situation with weight)

“I have a new client that I’m doing design work for, and a return client with some design work, too. It’s fun! (situation with money)

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